Education Unit


The Education Unit is a horizontal action of HCMR supported by volunteers from all HCMR sister Institutes who, in addition to their research activities, are committed to transmitting their knowledge and expertise to inform and educate a wide range of recipients. It was created by HCMR researchers in response to the needs of society.


We increase public awareness and knowledge of aquatic environmental issues, so that everyone is able to notice, analyze, evaluate phenomena and take appropriate action

– We show ways we can take action to keep our environment healthy and sustainable for the future.

– We promote educational actions aimed to protect the environment where and when necessary. 

– We help to prepare society at large for the proper treatment of waste

– We acquaint under- and post – graduate students with HCMR researchers’ work on

different fields (marine science and technology, geology and natural hazards, pollution and public protection, aquaculture, cultural heritage and marine resources).

We familiarize students with the possibilities of professional training and introduce them to job perspectives.  


– We organize visits of different groups (primary, secondary and university students, teachers and professors, as well as stakeholders concerning environmental issues) to the HCMR Institutes and laboratories

– We offer educational programmes for primary and secondary school students

– We participate in related events such as festivals,

Open Doors Events, competition and other open events (Researcher Night, TEDx)

– We collaborate with Cretaquarium in project implementation whenever it is needed

– We promote environmental education through online interactive electronic applications

Applications to download:

Online education websites

– We arrange visits and lectures to schools (pupils and students of all ages) as well

as to different relevant professional branches (for instance, hoteliers, teachers, fishermen etc.)  by HCMR scientists

– We organize educational / training scientific field expeditions for secondary school students, undergraduate as well as graduate students, within the framework of specific projects.

– We participate as advisors to environmental education programmes in cooperation with various Environmental Education Institutions

– We participate in national and international programmes for the creation of educational packages (Eurocean, Horizon 2020, Life, Nagisa, etc)

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