Toxicology and biomarkers

Toxicology and biomarkers

Key research areas

Oxidative stress, Metabolism of chemicals, Gene expression, Enzymes activities-nutrient interactions, Non-invasive biomarkers, Bioassays (cell lines & model aquatic organisms)


People involved

Efthimia (Efi) Cotou

Efthimia (Efi) Cotou
Principal Researcher
0030 2291076492

Research Directions
Biomarkers and bioassays Biomarkers and bioassays
  • Aquafeed bioassays and biochemical analysis
  • Equipment Includes: 

    • A cell culture & bioassay room of biohazard level II, where transfected mammalian cells or fish cell lines are cultured for cytotoxicity & toxicity assays. It is mainly equipped with a biosafety cabinet, a humid CO2 incubator, an incubator, a water bath, a bench centrifuge, a refrigerator, a freezer (-20oC), a deep freeze (-80oC), a cell counter, an inverted microscope, a liquid N2 container, a sterilizer, etc.
    • Two biomarker assays rooms (I & II), where biochemical biomarker responses (enzyme activities), and gene expression and protein analysis are performed.  They are equipped with a chemical hood, a laminar flow hood, tissue extraction homogenisers (polytron & glass Teflon), a multi-cell micro-plate spectro-fluo photometer, a luminometer, two bench top refrigerated centrifuges, a peristaltic pump, a refrigerator, a freezer (-20oC), an ultra-freezer (-80oC), a bench top pH meter, electrophoresis apparatus for RNA/DNA &  proteins (1D & 2D), DGGE & Western plotting, a thermo-cycler (PCR), a gel documentation imager system, a genetic analyser, etc.

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