Title: Interregional telematic network for the management of risks in the Balkan and South Mediterranean area: Albania, FYROM, Bulgaria, Regions of Central Macedonia and Crete (INTERISK)

Funding Source: INTERREG

Budget IMBBC: 30,000€

Start / End Date: 2000 - 2002

Web site URL:

Project Progress: 100%

Principal Investigator:

Costas Dounas (retired)

Project Members:

Research Directions:

Ecology and ecosystem management


Interisk is an ECOS-OUVERTURE project that aims to develop a European Interregional telematic network for risk management in the Balkan and South Mediterranean area. On interregional level, the project focused on the exchange of experience and know-how, the establishment of a network of exchanging information on risk strategies and quality insurance issues. On regional level, in selected pilot areas, the monitoring system of water hydrological and quality parameters has been improved by adding new remote stations to the existing monitoring system. Through a telematic network, local data referred to the most frequent for these regions risks could be stored, transferred and processed.