Aquaculture pathophysiology, Chapter 64 – Chronic diseases of the lateral line organ in fish

Chronic diseases of the lateral line organ in fish
Maria Ioanna Tsertou, Efthimia Antonopoulou and Pantelis Katharios.
Several conditions affecting the lateral line organs have been reported in the literature. Initially, most reports were about ornamental aquarium fishes; however, similar diseases have recently described in cultured fish species, both in marine and freshwater environments. The common element of these conditions is the erosion of the epidermis overlaying the canals of the lateral line in the head and the trunk of the fish, which progressively become open ulcers. Currently, there is no evidence for an infectious etiology, and there is a consensus that the disease is linked to water quality. In cultured fish, it has been shown that the disease is caused when groundwater is used; however, it is not yet known what element of the water is responsible.

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