Title: Integrated services supporting a sustainable agroecological transition

Funding Source: EU HEurope

Budget IMBBC: 52,000€

Start / End Date: 2022 - 2027

Web site URL:

Project Progress: 38%

Principal Investigator:

Manolis Mandalakis

Research Directions:

Bioanalysis and biotechnology


The program aims to provide services and Transnational Access to interested scientists/groups/companies for the use of infrastructure and equipment related to agriculture research, including aquaculture and the exploitation of marine biological resources. EMBRC-ERIC participates in this program as a Strategic Partner, as it represents a pan-European network/platform for access to infrastructure/equipment related to marine biological research and marine ecosystems research. In this context, IMBBC participates in the AgroServ program as an affiliated member of EMBRC-ERIC and will offer access to the infrastructure/equipment of the IMBBC Bioanalysis and Biotechnology Laboratory. More specifically, the potential users/visitors of IMBBC-HCMR through the AgroServ program, will receive services regarding the processing and analysis of their environmental/biological samples with regard to specific chemical compounds/substances or bioactivities.