Title: Development of innovative strategies for monitoring, mapping and mitigation of the invasive species lagocephalus (Lagocephalus sceleratus) and lionfish (Pterois sp.)

Funding Source: EP Fisheries

Budget IMBBC: 62,442€

Start / End Date: 2020 - 2023

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Project Progress: 100%

Principal Investigator:

Manolis Mandalakis

Project Members:

Research Directions:

Bioanalysis and biotechnology


LIONHARE project aims at developing innovative methods and tools for the monitoring, mapping and mitigation of invasive species causing adverse financial and ecological impact. Although research will focus on lagocephalus (Lagocephalus sceleratus) and lionfish (Pterois sp.), the new methods/tools could be widely used for evaluating population trends and combating other harmful marine invasive species. Moreover, the project aims to inform and cooperate with professional and amateur fishermen, in a joint effort to reduce lagocephalus and lionfish populations and prevent and/or mitigate their negative effects on humans, fisheries and biodiversity. Within this framework, the breeding habitats of the species under investigation and of their juveniles will be identified, and innovative targeted actions will be implemented to reduce the reproductive population, as well as the recruitment of juveniles to these habitats. Depending on the effectiveness of the aforementioned actions, the possibility of commercializing the innovative tools that will be developed within the project (e.g. traps, new fishing gear), through patents or other suitable means will be considered. The methodological framework concerning the commercial exploitation of lionfish or part of the lagocephalus population for secondary uses will also be studied.