Analysis of target biomolecules and bioactivities

Contact person

Manolis Mandalakis

Manolis Mandalakis
Principal Researcher

Name: Manolis Mandalakis
Position: Assistant Researcher
Telephone: +302810337855

Key Research

We identify and quantify biomolecules and various organic compounds using liquid chromatography and gas chromatography systems hyphenated with mass spectrometric detectors.

We assay various bioactivities in microplate format (96-well or 384-well) using a robotic liquid handling platform and a microplate reader for multimode spectrophotometric detection.

We offer:

  • Quantitative chemical analysis of target biomolecules and metabolites in marine organisms or environmental samples (e.g phyto-pigments, hormones, biotoxins, fatty acids) using LC-MS/MS and GC-MS techniques
  • Assessment of antibacterial and antioxidant capacity of individual compounds and biological extracts
  • Analysis of basic biochemical parameters (e.g. total protein, total DNA, total carbohydrates) using absorbance/fluorescence-based assays at microplate format and analysis of total organic carbon in water samples using combustion-based TOC analyzer.


Research Directions
Bioanalysis and biotechnology

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