Frédéric Verret

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Personal InformationFrédéric Verret
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Field & DegreeMolecular Microbiology, PhD
Research FieldAlgal cell physiology and functional genetics
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Phone+30 2810337852
AddressHCMR Thalassocosmos 71500 Gournes, Crete, Greece
ORCID iD0000-0002-8175-7325

Diatoms, Acclimation, Evolution, RNA silencing, Ion channels, Bioactive compounds

Diatoms are unicellular eukaryotic algae responsible for near half of the marine primary productivity. My research focuses on a) the acclimatory responses of diatoms to their environments and b) the identification of diatom metabolites with applications in biotechnology.

Main ongoing projects:

1. RNA Silencing
RNA silencing is a mechanism of regulation of gene expression mediated by small RNAs. In animals and plants RNA silencing plays an important role in growth and development, and in the acclimatory response to stress. We are conducting a reverse genetic approach employing mutagenesis, omics and biochemical analysis to characterize the molecular players and physiological role of RNA silencing in the model diatoms species Phaeodactylum tricornutum.

2. Marennine and Highly Branched Isoprenoid
H.ostrearia produces a blue pigment called marennine and a range of highly branched isoprenoid (HBI) with applications in aquaculture and food, and biofuel industry respectively. Haslea sp. with contrasting marennine production are cultured in laboratory. Comparative omics analyses are carried out to identify candidate genes involved in marennine and HBI biosynthesis. In parallel, P.tricornutum is used as a cell chassis to functionally characterize H.ostrearia gene candidates.

Publication recordNo of ProjectsThesis supervision
H-index (scopus): 10Coordinator: 1PhD: 1
Articles: 13Princ. Invest.: 3MSc: 2
Citations-total: 2,217Project member: 7BSc: 3
Citations-nonself: 2,207Funding: 291,300
Year (completed) Degree, Department, University, Town (optional), Country
2005PhD in Molecular Microbiology and Biotechnology; Faculty of Luminy/Department of Sciences, University of Aix-Marseille II, France.
2000M.Sc. in Cell Biology and Physiology, Faculty of Luminy/Department of Sciences, University of Aix-Marseille II, France.
1999B.S. in Biochemistry, University of Aix-Marseille I
Year (start) Position – Organization, Town (optional), Country
2018Research Fellow - IMBBC-HCMR, Heraklion, Greece
2012Postdoctoral - Institute of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology (IMBB-FoRTH), Heraklion, Greece
2011Posdoctoral - University of Algarve-CCMAR, Portugal
2008Postdoctoral - University of Essex, UK
2005Postdoctoral - Marine Biological Association, UK
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