Costas Dounas (retired)

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Personal InformationCostas Dounas (retired)
Research Director
Marine Biology/Ecology/Technology

HCMR Thalassocosmos 71500 Gournes, Crete, Greece

+30 2810337814

Field & DegreeMarine Biology/Ecology, PhD
SectionBiodiversity & Genetics
LocationMain Building
Mobile Number+30 6977234042
Gender Male | Date of birth 1954/07/03
Scientific impact
Publication recordNo of ProjectsThesis supervision
H-index (scopus): 20Coordinator: 4PhD: 10
Articles: 92Princ. Invest.: 41MSc: 12
Citations-total: 908Project member: 17BSc: 8
Citations-nonself: 858Funding: 6,340,000
Education & training
Year (completed) Degree, Department, University, Town (optional), Country
1978B.Sc., Dept Biology, Aristotelian University of Thessaloniki, Greece
1986Ph.D., Dept Biology, Aristotelian University of Thessaloniki, Greece
Work Experience
Year (start) Position – Organization, Town (optional), Country
1986postdoctorate researcher at the Research Center of Crete - Institute of Molecular Biology
1987postdoctorate researcher at the Institute of Marine Biology of Crete, Greece
1995Senior Researcher at the Institute of Marine Biology of Crete, Greece
2001Research Director at the Institute of Marine Biology of Crete, Greece
2003Research Director at the Institute of Marine Biology, Biotechnology & Aquaculture, Greece
Personal skills
Mother tongue(s)Greek
Other language(s)
Language Basic/Intermediate/Proficient
French Basic

8th Conference of Pan-Hellenic Educators Association for Environmental Education, 11-13 September 2020, Patras, Greece (virtual)

International Sandy Beaches Symposium, 25-29 May 2018, Crete Greece.

51st European Marine Biology Symposium (EMBS), 26-30 September 2016, Rhodes, Greece (Book of abstracts, p. 42).

41st CIESM Congress, The Mediterranean Science Commission, 12-16 September 2016, Kiel, Germany.

International Symposium “Marine Protected Areas in Greece and the Mediterranean: Designing for the Future by Applying Lessons Learnt from the Past”, organized by the Management Agency of the National Marine Park of Zakynthos, 4-6 December 2015, Zakynthos, Greece (Book of abstracts, pp. 23-24).

Ecology at the Interface: Science-based solutions for human well-being”, the 13th European Ecological Federation (EEF) and 25th Italian Society of Ecologists (S.It.E.) joint Conference, 20-27 October 2015, Rome, Italy.

13th International Congress on the Zoogeography and Ecology of Greece and Adjacent Regions (ICZEGAR), 7-11 October 2015, Iraklion, Crete, Greece.

Global Congress on Integrated Coastal Management: Lessons Learned to Address New Challenges, 29 October-3 November 2013, Marmaris, Turkey.

3rd International Workshop "Research in Shallow Marine and Fresh Water Systems, 14-15 February 2013, Bremen, Germany.

EU BON Joint Workshop of WP1 and WP6: citizen science within the framework of EU BON, 19 November 2013, Berlin, Germany.

COMBER – Citizens' Network for the Observation of Marine Biodiversity. Vibrant Citizen science workshop, 24-25 January 2013, London, UK.

Biodiversity Informatics Horizons 2020 Conference, 3-6 September 2013, Rome, Italy.

6th World Fisheries Congress, 7-11 May 2012, Edinburgh, Scotland, K.

1st European Conference on Ocean Literacy, 12 October 2012, Brugges, Belgium.

5th European Coastal Lagoons Symposium (EUROLAG), 25-30 July 2011, University of Aveiro, Portugal.

World Conference on Marine Biodiversity, 26-30 September 2011, Aberdeen, Scotland, K.

2006 Ocean Sciences Meeting, 20-24 February 2006, Honolulu, Hawaii, S.A.

Symposium on Effects of Fishing Activities on Benthic Habitats: Linking Geology, Biology, Socioeconomics, and Management, 12-14 November 2002, Tampa, Florida, U.S.A.

  1. DOUNAS C. & LUCET B., 1994. A floating modular system to support oil absorbent booms that provide continuous protection for enclosed and semi-enclosed water bodies from floating hydrocarbons.
  • Greek Patent, GR-1001607/31-5-1994, Hellenic Industrial Property Organization (OBI)
  • Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT), WO-94/29531, World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO)
  • European Patent, EP-0707676/13-01-1999, European Patent Office (EPO)
  1. DOUNAS C., 1999. Integrated system for the automatic implantation of metal tubes in sedimentary seabeds.
  • Greek Patent, GR-1003157/21-6-1999, Hellenic Industrial Property Organization (OBI)
  • European Patent EP 0897034/ 17-2-1999, European Patent Office (EPO)
  • Public Praise, 8-2-2002, Hellenic Industrial Property Organization (OBI)
  1. DOUNAS C., 1999. System for the artificial removal of rich in nutrient waters from areas close to the seabed up to the euphotic zone.
  • Greek Patent, GR-1003722,/13-11-2001 (Hellenic Industrial Property Organization)
  1. DOUNAS C., 2000. Protective – Productive Artificial Reef.
  • Greek Patent, GR-1004153/20-02-2003, Hellenic Industrial Property Organization (OBI)
  1. DOUNAS C., 2009. Illustrated guide for the identification of organisms in the field.
  • Greek Patent, GR- 1006507/2-9-2009, Hellenic Industrial Property Organization (OBI)
  • Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT), WO2009144516 (A1), World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO)
  • US Patent, US-2011136091, United States Patent Office
  • Australia Patent Office, AUS-2009252881
  • European Patent, EP2304708/2011-04-06 European Patent Office (EPO)
  1. DOUNAS C. HCMR, 2017. Recreational Diving Oasis with artificial reefs.
  • Greek Patent, GR-,1009024/08-05-2017, Hellenic Industrial Property Organization (OBI)
  • Patent Cooperation Treaty WO2017/081495/18-05-2017 (PCT), World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO)
  • European Patent, ΕΡ (Croatia, Spain, France, Italy, Malta, Cyprus, Turkey)
  • Application to the United States Patent Office, US2018/0317462A1, (USPTO)


Membership of scientific societies

Member of the National Council of Research and Development (1999-2004)

Member of the National Committee of Technology Transfer & Innovation (2001-2004)

Member of the International Advisory Board of Coastal Research and Planning Institute, Claipeda University, Lithuania (2004-2005)

Member of the Scientific Council of IMBBC 

Member of the Scientific Council of IMBG

Member of the Scientific Council of IMBC

Crustacean Society (1986-1996)

Hellenic Zoological Society (Member of the Board 1987-1988)

Hellenic Society of Ecologists (President of the Board 1984-1985)

Environmental Committee of Heraklion Prefecture (1991 -2002 )

Evaluation Committee of European Projects I NCO –COPERNICUS (1997)

Awards & distinctions

Distinction award in the 1st National Patent Contest (2002) by the Greek Ministry of Development and the Greek Industrial Organisation

 1st award for the design and development of a fairytale concerning climate change for its pedagogic and scientific approaches. Skoula I., Koulouri P., Dounas C., 2019. The Kingdom of Photophilous Algae. BIOWATCH Editions, Heraklion, Crete, 48+x pp.

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