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Personal InformationGeorge Tsamis
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HCMR Thalassocosmos 71500 Gournes, Crete, Greece


Field & DegreeWeb Developer, M.Sc.
SectionBiodiversity & Genetics
LocationMain Building
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Gender Male | Date of birth 1983/08/10
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Publication recordNo of ProjectsThesis supervision
H-index (scopus): 2
Articles: 10
Citations-total: 30Project member: 5BSc: 4
Citations-nonself: 30
Education & training
Year (completed) Degree, Department, University, Town (optional), Country
2012M.Sc. (Scholarship from the Foundation for Research and Technology Hellas - ICS), University of Crete, Computer Science Department, Heraklion, Crete, Greece
2009B.Sc. in University of Crete, Computer Science Department, Heraklion, Crete, Greece
Work Experience
Year (start) Position – Organization, Town (optional), Country
2018HCMR (Hellenic Centre for Marine Research), Project CMBR (Centre for the study and sustainable exploitation of Marine Biological Resources), IMBBC Institute, Web Developer
2018NTUA (National Technical University of Athens), School of Chemical Engineering, Department of Synthesis and Development of Industrial Processes, OBDII Wireless Android Application, Developer – Researcher, Freelancer
2018ATEI of Crete, European Project ENHANCE (European Curriculum for Family and Community Nurse, ERASMUS plus - call EACEA/04/2017, KA2: Cooperation for Innovation and Exchange of Good Practices – Sector Skills Alliances - LOT 2: «Design and Development of online Training Platform», (code: 80538)) , Web Developer, Freelancer
2016ATEI of Crete, European Project DREAMS National (Real Time Health Monitoring Platform for outside of the Hospital Environment use, Ensuring Remote Vital Signs Monitoring Ability), Android Application, Developer – Researcher, Freelancer
2014ATEI of Crete, European Project DREAMS (Distributed Real-Time Architecture for Mixed Criticality Systems "Grant Agreement Number 610640"), Embedded System Developer – Researcher, Freelancer
Personal skills
Mother tongue(s)Greek
Other language(s)
Language Basic/Intermediate/Proficient
Educational activities
Teaching experience

Lab Assistant, HMU University

Instructor, ΙΕΚ of Heraklion

Instructor, KDVM (INEDIVIM)

Professor’s Assistant, Computer Science Department

  • Digital Health Database Design and Implementation, Department of Social Work, (ATEI of Crete)
  • Processing and Using Bio Data from Smart Digital Real Time Systems, Department of Social Work, (ATEI of Crete)
  • Design and Development of a Student Centered System for Universities and Institutions, Department of Computer Engineering, (ATEI of Crete)
  • Assessment of Accounting Systems Software, (ATEI of Crete)
Publications outside HCMR

·         Antonis Potirakis, Stelios Ninidakis, Jacques Lagnel, Viet Quoc Ha, Georgos Perantinos, Emmanouela Panteri, Elena Sarropoulou, Tereza Manousaki, Christina Pavloudi, Anastasia Gioti, Zafeiropoulos Haris, George Tsamis, Panagiotis Kasapidis, Costas Tsigenopoulos, George Kotoulas, Dimitris Sidirokastritis, Evangelos Pafilis, Christos Arvanitidis and Antonios Magoulas, Zorbas: the HPC cluster for biological analysis in IMBBC, HCMR, H.bioinfo 2019


·         Evangelos Pafilis, Charalampos Zafeiropoulos, Christina Pavloudi, Georios Pavlopoulos, Georgios Tsamis, Manimozhiyan Arumugam and Lars Juhl Jensen,Text-mining-based interpretation of microbiome data, H.bioinfo 2019


·         P. Kyriakos, E.Tzirakis , V. Lavouta , G. Tsamis , F. Zannikos. “Application Development for Processing Real Driving Data on MATLAB Environment”. Book of Abstracts. 23th International Transport and Air Pollution Conference 2019, Thessaloniki, Greece, 15-17 May 2019


·         Tsamis, George & Papadakis, Nikos & Tzirakis, Evangelos & Rousaki, Maria & Katsaraki, Evi & Nikolopoulos, John & Panteri, Emmanouela & Vassilakis, Kostas. (2018). Instant Evaluation of Teaching Methods and Students’ Comprehension Level using Smart Mobile Technology. EAI Endorsed Transactions on Creative Technologies. 156384. 10.4108/eai.13-7-2018.156384


·         Tsamis, G., Papadakis, N., Tzirakis, E., Katsaraki, E., Rousaki, M., Nikolopoulos, J. and Vassilakis, K., 2017. Real Time Evaluation of Education Methods via Smart Mobile Technology. In Interactivity, Game Creation, Design, Learning, and Innovation (pp. 95-104). Springer, Cham


·         M.D. Grammatikakis, G. Tsamis, P. Petrakis, A. Mouzakitis, M. Coppola, Network and Memory Bandwidth Regulation in a Soft Real-Time Healthcare Application, OSPERT 2017


·         Tsamis, G., Grammatikakis, M.D., Papagrigoriou, A., Petrakis, P., Piperaki, V., Mouzakitis, A. and Coppola, M., 2017, June. Soft real-time smartphone ECG processing. In Industrial Embedded Systems (SIES), 2017 12th IEEE International Symposium on (pp. 1-4). IEEE


·         Tsamis, G., Kavvadias, S., Papagrigoriou, A., Grammatikakis, M. D., & Papadimitriou, K. (2016, June). Efficient bandwidth regulation at memory controller for mixed criticality applications. In Reconfigurable Communication-centric Systems-on-Chip (ReCoSoC), 2016 11th International Symposium on (pp. 1-8). IEEE


·         Grammatikakis, Miltos D., Kyprianos Papadimitriou, Polydoros Petrakis, Antonis Papagrigoriou, George Kornaros, Ioannis Christoforakis, Othon Tomoutzoglou, George Tsamis, and Marcello Coppola. "Security in MPSoCs: A NoC Firewall and an Evaluation Framework." IEEE Transactions on Computer-Aided Design of Integrated Circuits and Systems 34, no. 8 (2015): 1344-1357.


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