Web talk by Dr. Konstantinos Billis: “Using transcriptomics data in Ensembl”

A talk that will be given on Wednesday 14 2021 at 16.00 by Dr. Konstantinos Billis (link), senior developer in the European Bioinformatics Institute – EMBL, Cambridge, UK. Kostas has been actively involved in a variety of projects related to analysis of the biology of bacteria and vertebrates, focusing on understanding gene annotation and expression of those organisms. Throughout his professional and academic life, he has been a member of various teams and collaborations. Outcome of those collaborations have been high quality datasets widely used by researchers all around the world via Ensembl and JGI IMG (in the past) and insights got published in high impact peer-reviewed journals.
His talk is entitled:
Using transcriptomics data in Ensembl
You can connect through the zoom link.

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