Turn rubbish into art!

Nautilos project and IMBBC have celebrated the European Maritime Day 2023 – In My Country together with the Art School of Heraklion (Crete, Greece). A beach cleaning campaign was organized on the 8th of May 2023 and the students joined forces to remove plastic litter from the coast of Gournes! A team of 35 kids aged 14-16 years old cleaned successfully approximately half kilometer of the coastline in just one hour and they have collected in total 9 bags of 45lt each, meaning almost 400lt of litter. The young artists used the plastic rubbish they have collected from the beach and in less than one month later they have transformed them in creative pieces of artwork. Many congratulations to the young artists for their creativity and for taking care of the environment!

The activities organized are part of the European Maritime Day 2023 – In My Country and the EUBeachCleanup initiatives aiming to gain the highest visibility as part of a global campaign for clean, plastic-free oceans.

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