Mediterranean Multiplier Event of BlueSchoolsMed Project “Supporting the development of socially-inclusive Blue Challenges in schools in the Mediterranean Sea basin” – Marseille France 11-12 May 2023

Following the steps of the European Network of Blueschools established by the EU4Ocean coalition, the BlueSchoolsMed is a three-year project funded by Erasmus + (2020-2023) and its main objective is to support the development of educational activities related to the sea in schools in the Mediterranean basin by testing and evaluating different tools integrating marine themes into the curricula. The project consortium is made up of 10 partners, among them HCMR, and brings together experts, schools, teachers and pupils from pilot schools from four Mediterranean countries: France, Greece, Italy and Malta.

After 3 years of working on the project, the final Mediterranean multiplier event – in Marseille – offered a free creative space for project pupils to showcase their work, results, feedback, and knowledge. They were granted a space of exchange where they met other pupils and teachers, as well as local communities who are interested in such initiatives. Speed meeting moments were organized to allow participants to explore the different blue activities and initiatives implemented during the course of the project.

In parallel and keeping in mind the goal of the project, high level discussions were undertaken, involving the key players of the project, teachers and educators, and representatives from educational authorities and networks from the Mediterranean (e.g. Cyprus, Spain). Non-EU participants also attended (e.g. Egypt, Lebanon), and the aim was to extract concrete recommendations for a robust roadmap towards a network of Blue Schools across the Mediterranean.

Panel discussions: Session 1 HCMR-Elementary School of Gournes/ Session 3 Dr Siokouros Director of CMMI (Cyprus)

Panel discussion Session 4 /Mr Christodoulou from the Institute of Educational Policy

Speed meetings                        EU Blue School Certification for Elementary School of Gournes

Recordings of the BlueSMed sessions in Marseille are now available for replay:

Day 1: (the Greek team: 4′, 31′, 1:02, 2:20, 2:26, 2:40, 2:58, 3:12).

Day 2: (37′ (Siokouros, Director of CMMI), 3:18, 3:39:50, 3:55:55 (Nikos Christodoulou, Institute of Educational Policy)

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