Special training of IMBBC personnel in real-time PCR techniques through the AQUAEXCEL3.0 project

Thanks to a Technician Transnational Mobility (TTM) grant from the AQUAEXCEL3.0 project, Vasso Terzoglou, a specialized scientific-technical personnel of IMBBC-HCMR, has visited the Institute of Aquaculture (IoA) in the University of Stirling for training in real-time PCR techniques.  Real-time PCR is used in the assessment of gene expression, the study of polymorphisms, and the identification and quantification of organisms by the use of specific probes.  In addition, Ms Terzoglou had the opportunity to discuss protocols and procedures that the host laboratory uses regarding DNA and RNA isolation, and thus acquire more experience in those techniques and become familiar with different protocols.

AQUAEXCEL3.0 builds on the previous AQUAEXCEL(FP7) and AQUAEXCEL2020 (H2020) projects and aims to develop new tools to keep pace with rapid scientific development and add value to existing tools and resources to benefit all users.  It continues to have fish as its main target, but also includes shellfish and macroalgae research to push towards lower trophic level aquaculture.  IMBBC participates in AQUAEXCEL 3.0 project, as one of the three institutes of the HCMR, with headquarters in Heraklion, Crete and facilities in Anavyssos, Attica and Souda, Crete. With a staff of 111 people and 24 regular researchers, it undertakes research in marine biodiversity, genetics and genomics, and aquaculture.

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