Environmental assessment and monitoring

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Costas Dounas (retired)

Costas Dounas (retired)
Research Director

Name: Costas Dounas
Position: Research Director
Telephone: 2810 337814
Email: kdounas@hcmr.gr

Ecological assessment services
We provide ecological assessment in marine and transitional ecosystems through field surveys, including:
● biodiversity assessment
● identification and mapping of habitats
● assessment of the ecological status
● presence of pressures and threats.
Habitat mapping services include  Side Scan Sonar operations

  • underwater drones
  • underwater photography and video.

We also provide visual analyses of results, as well as consultations on management, conservation and restoration actions.

Environmental impact assessment and monitoring services
We coordinate and undertake Environmental Impact Assessments (EIAs) and Environmental Studies (ES), including:
● monitoring of water quality of swimming beaches
● microbiological tests of bottled drinking waters
● marine pollution monitoring of underwater outfalls (e.g., sewage, power plants, desalination facilities), ports and marinas

We also provide advice on monitoring and mitigation of impacted coastal systems, assisting with insitu surveys and sampling design.


  • Municipalities
  • Regions
  • Prefectures
  • Municipal enterprises (water and sewerage)
  • Private aquaculture units

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