Haris Zafeiropoulos

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Personal InformationHaris Zafeiropoulos
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Field & DegreeBioinformatics, MSc
Research FieldSystems biology at the microbial dimension
E-mail Address haris-zaf@hcmr.gr
Personal Web Pagehttps://hariszaf.github.io/
AddressHCMR Thalassocosmos 71500 Gournes, Crete, Greece
ORCID iD0000-0002-4405-6802

systems biology, microbial interactions, bioinformatics, data integration, network analysis

My research interests focus on microbial interactions and ecosystem functioning at the microbial dimension. As bioinformatics play a fundamental part in elucidating the undelying mechanisms that govern biological processes, I am developing methods to this end. By making use of knowledge aggregation and data integration, but also omics' and networks analysis, I am interested in understanding comprehending ecosystems' ecology.

In 2016, I joined the Bioinformatics MSc program in the University of Crete (2016-2018). During my master thesis, I became a member of lab42open* at IMBBC-HCMR. Since then, I have developed PEMA** , a pipeline for the analysis of metabarcoding data. PEMA has been selected from LifeWatch - ERIC for the analysis of the ARMS derived data. In the framework of the PREGO*** project, I am now conducting my PhD on microbial community ecology and ecosystem functioning .

* http://lab42open.hcmr.gr/
** http://pema.hcmr.gr/
*** http://prego.hcmr.gr/

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H-index (scopus): 1
Articles: 1
Citations-total: 2
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Year (completed) Degree, Department, University, Town (optional), Country
2021PhD in "Investigation of ecosystem functioning and microbial interactions through data integration and knowledge aggregation of Next Generation Sequencing data and ecosysmtem networks analysis."
2018M.Sc. in Bioinformatics - Medical School, University of Crete, Greece
2016B.Sc. in Biology - Department of Biology, Science School, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece
Year (start) Position – Organization, Town (optional), Country
2018Research assistant in Biodiversity Section in HCMR, PREGO project
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