Title: An alternative way of utilizing the alien fish species of the genus Lagocephalus. Production of fishmeal for use in the diet of Mediterranean farmed marine species

Funding Source: EP Fisheries

Budget IMBBC: 319,930€

Start / End Date: 2020 - 2023

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Project Progress: 100%

Principal Investigator:

Ioannis Nengas

Project Members:

Research Directions:

Fish nutrition and feeding

Fish health

Fish quality and safety


The present proposal aims to produce new and comprehensive knowledge on the inactivation of tetradotoxin (TTX) from all the tissues of fish of the genus Lagocephalus, to utilize it for the production of fishmeal. The produced innovative raw material will be evaluated for its nutritional value as the main ingredient for the nutrition, health and quality of the final product of cultured European seabass.The project is expected to have the following results:

   • The preparation for the first time of an operational plan that will describe the chain of distribution (logistics) of discarded fish from the point of unloading by the fishermen to the unit (or units) of processing and production of fishmeal,

   • The development of a protocol that will ensure the deactivation of TTX and at the same time the high nutritional value of fishmeal in fish feed for Mediterranean farmed fish species,

   • Creation of financial incentives for fishermen to increase their fishing effort and landing quantities. The increase in fishing effort is expected to result on the reduction of the fish population,

   • The availability of locally produced fishmeal. Fish feed companies in Greece import significant quantities of fishmeal which is burdened with transport costs and its price is depending on availability internationally. The results of the proposed project will enable companies in the industry to meet part of their needs in this raw material locally and at a cheaper price.