Title: Implementation of measures of the Chryssi Island Action Plan...

Funding Source: Region of Crete

Budget: 100,000€

Start / End Date: 2022 - 2023

Principal Investigator: Panayota (Yolanda) Koulouri


Title: 100 Diatom Genomes Project...

Funding Source: CSP


Start / End Date: 2020 - 2023

Principal Investigator: Frédéric Verret


Title: Supporting the development of socially-inclusive Blue Challenges in schools in the Mediterranean sea...

Funding Source: EU ERASMUS+

Budget: 45,000€

Start / End Date: 2020 - 2023

Principal Investigator: Panayota (Yolanda) Koulouri

C3S European Fisheries

Title: Copernicus Climate Change Marine, Coastal and Fisheries Sectoral Information System...


Budget: 70,585€

Start / End Date: 2017 - 2019

Principal Investigator: Eva Chatzinikolaou


Title: PROAQUA, Reducing antibiotic use in marine larviculture by a novel combinatory probiotic strategy...

Funding Source: Denmark

Budget: 113,029€

Start / End Date: 2013 - 2019

Principal Investigator: Pantelis Katharios


Title: Reproductive rhythms in Senegalese sole: neuroendocrine regulation and the role of thermo-/photo-cyc...

Funding Source: Spanish National

Budget: 5,000€

Start / End Date: 2011 - 2013

Principal Investigator: Constantinos Mylonas


Title: Management of port areas in the Mediterranean Basin...

Funding Source: ΕΝPI CBCMED

Budget: 259,407€

Start / End Date: 2011 - 2014

Principal Investigator: Christos Arvanitidis


Title: Concrete Conservation Actions for the Mediterranean Shag and Audouin's gull in Greece including the ...

Funding Source: LIFE

Budget: 116,900€

Start / End Date: 2009 - 2012

Principal Investigator: Panagiotis Kasapidis


Title: Set up of an integrated system of the bluefin tuna (Thunnus thynnus) farming in the Gulf of Taranto....

Funding Source: Italian National

Budget: 42,375€

Start / End Date: 2007 - 2010

Principal Investigator: Constantinos Mylonas


Title: Innovative System for the foundation of piles in sedimentary environments....

Funding Source: PRAXE

Budget: 25,000€

Start / End Date: 2004 - 2005

Principal Investigator: Costas Dounas (retired)


Title: Development of production technologies of novel fish feeds for Mediterranean aquaculture fish...

Funding Source: General Secretariat for Research and technology (GSRT)

Budget: 250,000€

Start / End Date: 2003 - 2006

Principal Investigator: Ioannis Nengas


Title: Environmental and pharmacological manipulations for the improvement of methods for the control of ea...

Funding Source: IPE Cyprus National

Budget: 17,000€

Start / End Date: 2000 - 2003

Principal Investigator: Constantinos Mylonas


Title: Study of the nutritional status of Greek mariculture. Ministry of Agriculture....

Funding Source: Ministry of Agriculture

Budget: 33,000€

Start / End Date: 1999 - 2000

Principal Investigator: Ioannis Nengas


Title: Implementation of management plans for Pylos Lagoon and Evrotas Delta...

Funding Source: LIFE

Budget: 50,000€

Start / End Date: 1998 - 2001

Principal Investigator: Costas Dounas (retired)


Title: Quality monitoring and quality assurance of freshwater and seawater aquaculture fish....

Funding Source: European Union International Cooperation (INCO)

Budget: 200,000€

Start / End Date: 1997 - 2000

Principal Investigator: Maria Alexi


Title: European Topic Centre on the Marine and Coastal Environment...

Funding Source: European Environment Agency (EEA)

Budget: 205,430€

Start / End Date: 1996 - 2002

Principal Investigator: Efthimia (Efi) Cotou

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