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Vasilaki, A; Mente, E; Fountoulaki, E; Henry, M; Nikoloudaki, C; Berillis, P; Kousoulaki, K; Nengas, I

Fishmeal, plant protein, and fish oil substitution with single-cell ingredients in organic feeds for European sea bass (Dicentrarchus labrax) Journal Article

Frontiers in Physiology, 14 , pp. 1199497, 2023, ISSN: 1664-042X.

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Fountoulaki, E; Vasilaki, A; Nikolopoulou, D; Schrama, J; Kaushik, S J; Prabhu, Antony Jesu P

Faecal waste production, characteristics and recovery in European seabass (Dicentrarchus labrax) is affected by dietary ingredient composition Journal Article

Aquaculture, 548 , pp. 737582, 2022, ISSN: 00448486.

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Rigos, George; Kogiannou, Dimitra; Vasilaki, Antigoni; Kotsiri, Mado

Evaluation of Praziquantel Efficacy against Zeuxapta seriolae Infections in Greater Amberjack, Seriola dumerili Journal Article

Applied Sciences, 11 (10), pp. 4656, 2021, ISSN: 2076-3417.

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Henry, Morgane A; Fountoulaki, Eleni; Vasilaki, Antigoni; Rigos, George; Kokou, Fotini; Karalazos, Vasileios

Dietary micronutrient supplementation in low fishmeal based diets for optimum growth and immune status of European sea bass (Dicentrarchus labrax) juveniles Journal Article

Aquaculture, 528 , pp. 735479, 2020, ISSN: 0044-8486.

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Kokou, Fotini; Henry, Morgane; Nikoloudaki, Chrisa; Kounna, Christiana; Vasilaki, Antigoni; Fountoulaki, Eleni

Optimum protein-to-lipid ratio requirement of the juvenile shi drum (Umbrina cirrosa) as estimated by nutritional and histological parameters Journal Article

Aquaculture Nutrition, 25 (2), pp. 444–455, 2019, (_eprint:

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Grigorakis, K; Alexi, N; Vasilaki, A; Giogios, I; Fountoulaki, E

Chemical quality and sensory profile of the mediterranean farmed fish shi drum (Umbrina cirrosa) as affected by its dietary protein/fat levels Journal Article

Italian Journal of Animal Science, 15 (4), pp. 681–688, 2016, ISSN: 15944077, (Publisher: Taylor and Francis Ltd.).

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Grigorakis, Kriton; Fountoulaki, Eleni; Vasilaki, Antigoni; Mittakos, Ioannis; Nathanailides, Cosmas

Lipid quality and filleting yield of reared meagre (Argyrosomus regius): Lipid quality & filleting yield of reared meagre Journal Article

International Journal of Food Science & Technology, 46 (4), pp. 711–716, 2011, ISSN: 09505423.

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Grigorakis, K; Giogios, I; Vasilaki, A; Nengas, I

Effect of the fish oil, oxidation status and of heat treatment temperature on the volatile compounds of the produced fish feeds Journal Article

Animal Feed Science and Technology, 158 (1-2), pp. 73–84, 2010, ISSN: 03778401.

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Fountoulaki, E; Henry, M; Rigos, G; Vasilaki, A; Mente, E; Sweetman, J; Nengas, I

Evaluation of zinc supplementation in European sea bass (Dicentrarchus labrax) juvenile diets Journal Article

Aquaculture Research, 41 , pp. e208 – e216, 2010.

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Fountoulaki, E; Vasilaki, A; Hurtado, R; Grigorakis, K; Karacostas, I; Nengas, I; Rigos, G; Kotzamanis, Y; Venou, B; Alexis, M N

Fish oil substitution by vegetable oils in commercial diets for gilthead sea bream (Sparus aurata L.); effects on growth performance, flesh quality and fillet fatty acid profile. Recovery of fatty acid profiles by a fish oil finishing diet under fluctuating water temperatures Journal Article

Aquaculture, 289 (3-4), pp. 317–326, 2009, ISSN: 00448486.

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