Title: Marine Biology, Biotechnology & Aquaculture

Funding Source: NSRF Excellence

Budget IMBBC: 1,498,965€

Start / End Date: 2013 - 2015

Web site URL:

Project Progress: 100%

Research Directions:

Fish nutrition and feeding

Fish health

Biomarkers and bioassays

Fish quality and safety


The project supported innovative research activities of IMBBC in the fields of marine biology, biodiversity and aquaculture, and included the following ations: a) Study of marine biodiversity and ecosystem using modern genomics techniques (populations genomics of commercially importat fishes, holistic approach to study biodiversity in the Gulf of Heraklion), b) Development of basic and applied research programs in the Underwater Biotechnological Park of Crete (innovative research on artificial habitats and the creation of pilot Submarine Recreation Diving "Oases", experimental sponge culture of species of biotechnological interest), and c) Diversification of aquaculture production with a new fast-growing fish species, the Greater amberjack (Seriola dumerili) (Study of all critical aquaculture developmental phases: reproduction, nutrition, genomics, growth and product quality).